Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tools and software to speed up your computer performance and create space!

Tweak UI:
Here is a Microsoft utility which is called the ultimate user interface (UI) tweaker for XP.This utility will let you twist,over-ride and even manipulate the way your Windows interface should appear. An indispensable tool that offers multiple UI tweaks under a single interface
URL: www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/powertoys/xppowertoys.mspx

Free Commander
Free Commander is a simple, user-friendly alternative to the standard Windows file manager. Here you can find all the necessary functions to manage your data stock. The efficient thing about this is that you can use this utility on a USB pen drive and you take it without you to take control of any computer that catches your fancy.
URL: www.freecommander.com

Double Killer
A disorderly, messy hard disk can slow your computer down, and what adds to the mess is duplicate files that hog space for no reason. This ‘double killer’ utility finds out duplicate files and removes them leaving you with just one file.

Task Shuffle 2.2.
So you think the Windows taskbar controls you? Here is one utility that will let you turn the tables.It lets you shift the buttons for open applications anywhere you want on the taskbar, or group open documents together. By the way, it works for all Windows version even the ones back to Win’ 95

Pistachio is another utility that could come helpful enough to customize to your style of working.This background utility called Pistachio minimizes windows to the tray, snaps them together as you drag, and disables specific keys (such as the numlock key) if you like. It also give statistics on how much your use the keyboard.
URL: http://pitaschio.ara3.net/

Fragmentation of the disk is a menace that slows down your computer. This utility can clean up the mess; it not only defragments your hard disk but defragments individual files.If you’re unsure about what needs defragging, it also gives a list of files that need it.
URL: www.defraggler.com

If your hard disk seems totally filled up and bloated, and you have no idea what exactly is taking up all that much space, here is something you should look at. Short for Windows Directory Statistics, this program shows your hard drive’s directory in multiple views, some resembling Windows Explorer—files represented by 3D boxes in full color. You will definitely come to know what the items that are clogging space are.
URL: www.windirstat.info

We knows that there are quite a few useless programs that come pre-installed with your Windows, which end up eating plenty of CPU cycles. You can use the WinPatrol mascot to keep a sharp eye on your computer. It gives you warning on new programs that plan to run at start up and also warns you of any system changes. Trust winPatrol to increase the boot-up speed.
URL: www.winpatrol.com

Absolute Uninstaller
You might have uninstalled a particular program, but unfortunately there are still fragments lying here and there, clogging space, an absolute waste. One way to be sure that a program is all gone is the absolute uninstaller.This replaces the default Add/Remove Programs control panel in Windows, looks for extra stuff to delete after an uninstall (such as Start menu entries and useless Registry keys), and even, does batch removal of multiple programs at one time.
URL: www.glarysoft.com

Eraser: Eraser is no Arnold Schwarzenegger but works just like him. With more and more modern recovery tools, it can be tough to get rid of an old computer without making sure the hard drive is wiped clean. You will not have to reformat it, but also erase date by overwriting disk sectors umpteen number of times. Open-source Eraser that fits a USB drive is your best for total removal of data.

Google Desktop
If you think searching files on your computer takes an eternity, the relatively known Google desktop can come to the rescue. Apart from just the ‘search’ Google Desktop indexes all of your data files—including instant messages and emails—so you can find it fast. The interface includes multiple search-box configurations and an advanced search option.
URL: www.desktop.google.com

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