Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lesser known but funny facts about Windows and Microsoft Word

Try creating a folder anywhere on your computer and rename it as CON. It will never work. The whole microsoft team was never able to find out. This error was find out by an Indian.

There is a bug in Microsoft Word. Open a word document and type
=rand (200, 99)

and then press ENTER.

This error was discovered by a Brazilian. You will find the mention of this error in Chetan Bhagat's book One night at the Call Center. The whole Microsoft team has not been able to figure out this bug in MsWord.

WIndows XP secrets. Unlocking Windows XP magic

Your windows Xp software is quite easier to operate, easier than you think. You don't ahve to really hunt in the program folder or some system folder to find information that can be available through Windows Xp in just less than 20 seconds. Here is how you can use Windows Xp to your advantage:

Secret - Hidden Install Creator
Unlock - Go to Start, Run, type iexpress

Secret - Hidden Internet Conference Application
Unlock- Go to Start, Run, type conf

Secret - Hidden Font Editor
Unlock - Go to Start, Run, type eudcedit

Secret - Hidden Command Line Switch

Unlock- Go to "Start", "Run" and Type defrag c: -b to defragment the Boot and Application Prefetch information.

Secret - Image Trails
Unlock - Open an image and hold down Shift then drag the image around to create an image trail.

Secret - Create a Log File
Unlcock - Launch Notepad, Type .LOG on the first line, and then press Enter to move to the next line. On the File menu, click Save As, type a descriptive name for your file in the File name box, and then click OK. When you next open the file, note that the date and time have been appended to the end of the log, immediately preceding the place where new text can be added. You can use this functionality to automatically add the current date and time to each log entry.

Secret - 10x Zoom
Unlocks - Open an image and select the magnifying glass icon. Left-Click exactly on the line below the 8x.

Secret - Hidden Windows Media Player
Unlock- Go to Start, Run, type mplayer2