Sunday, November 4, 2007

DVD scratch repair- how to fix scratch DVD

DVD scratch repair is the first thing that crops up in our mind when we see our favorite movie on DVD skipping, stuttering or not moving ahead. When you remove the DVD, you see some marks or scratches on the surface of the DVD. Here are some steps to fixing a scratched DVD:

1. The most popular home remedy for DVD scratch repair is by cleaning the DVD scratch itself. Take a bit of fluoride toothpaste and revolve the paste all around the surface of the DVD. After this, all you do is take a soft clean piece of lint-free(the ones used for cleaning the eyeglass) cloth and clean it. Insert the DVD and you should be able to play it without any problems.
2. Like toothpaste, cleaners, polishes and alcohol can all be effective as DVD scratch removers to some extent. Always use solutions that you use on glass, for instance Windex or the Amway glass cleaner. Do not use stuff that can be used to clean the floors or bathroom flooring. These can in fact harm the DVDs.
3. Solutions that are specially made for DVD scratch removal or DVD scratch repair are quite effective. The DVD repair kit comes with a DVD cleaning solution and a cloth. You can apply it on the DVD from the cloth and start cleaning from the center of the disk to the edge in a straight line. Do not clean your DVD in a circular motion but from the middle to the outside. Make sure you rub the DVD gently.
4. You can also spray the DVD cleaning solution onto the DVD and then run the DVD in the DVD player to give an all-round cleaning to the DVD disc.