Wednesday, September 17, 2008

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Playing games on the computer is necessary considering you need to de-stress you mind and indulge in some mental exercise. There are some online games that are good for your vocabulary, for your analytical mind, for developing presence of mind and also for helping you think of out of the box. Here are some good computer games or games to play on the computer.

Hangaroo:Hangaroo is an online computer game made of 10 puzzles which you must solve in order to save a kangaroo. If you make too many mistakes, the cute kangaroo will be earning his wings. This game tests your knowledge of a variety of things ranging from international holidays to the Oscar winning films. If you already have knowledge or if you want to improve your knowledge quotient, hangaroo is a must. Click for hangaroo

Scrabble:In scrabble or scrabulous, all l you have to do is to form words out of letters, which are given on a boardScrabble tests your vocabulary like no other game and besides, this is one game almost everyone and anyone plays, and you are sure to gain many friends playing this game. You can play scrabble here

Text Twist or Text Twirl: Games sites like Yahoo, MSN, Shockwave and Gamehouse use the name Text Twist; while Facebook calls it. It asks you to create as many words as achievable from a given set of letters before time runs out. Text Twirl or Text Twist is a good vocabulary building exercise.

The Brain Game or Who has the Biggest Brain: The Brain Game or Who has the Biggest Brain is available in Facebook as an online application. This one evaluates your knowledge on a variety of parameters like word power, logical ability, visual / spatial ability, and number skills. You can call the Brain Game as a smarter version of an IQ test though it is not so geeky.

Sudoku We all know that Sudoku is addictive. The computer game Sudoku checks your logic and number placement skills . It is good for people who love numbers Click here for Sudoku

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