Friday, September 26, 2008

Google Phone vs iPhone, which is better?

What do you think is a better phone, Google Phone or the iPhone? Both Google phone and iPhone have their own set of plus points and negative points:

Here is the laydown of the GI Google phone launched on Tuesday, September 23,2008

Five good things about G1, Google Phone

1] Capacitive touch screen: the GI has a capacitive touch screen just like the Iphone this means it is very responsive when you touch it

2] Easy to use Interface : the user interface is intuitive and dosent leave you wondering why did they do that : the layout is easy to understand

3] Having a keybord unlike the Iphone the Gi has a real physical keybord for typing out emails and messages

4] Great google services integration : it couldn’t be any more tightly knit. Gmail Google map with street view Google search You tube and others are built in the phone and gret work

5] Upgradeability: The android UI is open source and can be upgraded and added to overtime.

Five Flaws of Google Phone or G1
1] The hardware: The GI feels cheap the plastic aren’t high quality.

2] The camera: the GI may have a 3 mega pixel camera with auto focus but it doesn’t have a flash nor a vanity mirror it is a bit slow.

3] The keyboard :- the buttons are small and flat.

Both Google phones and iPhones are smart phones designed for users who want easier access to the Web than is offered by the current generation of RIM (RIMM) BlackBerries. Apart from the differences mentioned in the table above, Google phones and iphones have similar high resolution (320 x 480 pixel) color displays, motion sensors, support for GPS and Bluetooth 2.0, and platforms for third-party apps. Both share some of the same flaws — both are locked to their respective networks, both do not have the video recording capability and full cut-and-paste text editing, apart from the ones mentioned above.

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