Sunday, December 9, 2007

Delete spyware now ..Remove Spyware from your computer

Two main groups of Spyware are Adware and Malware . The most common form of spyware is
Adware. The main function of an adware program is to capture data from your computer for targeted advertising. Adware is usually just an irritation, but sometimes it can cause greater difficulties.

The lesser common spyware program is called Malware. Malware is a program that is known to wreak havoc with your computer. Malware include viruses, Trojan horses, and certain kinds of hijacking spyware. These forms of spyware are programmed to retrieve personal information like online transaction passwords, internet banking passwords, email passwords, credit card numbers, and social security numbers for fraud. Many of spyware can alter default program settings to make an attacker access to the computer, or monitor a user’s regular websurfing habits to get information The information is then sent off to the criminal with the help of an email without user knowledge or intervention. People who download peer to peer software online have a higher amount of chances for their computer to be infected by spyware.

It's hard to tell the share of computers that have been infected with spyware, estimates run as high as 95% computers could be infected. Children online can be especially vulnerable because they may have less technical savvy and frequently download using peer to peer software from the Internet.

Spyware ads are in the form of pornographic ads which pop up everytime you surf; there can also be annoying pop ups that spring up everytime you open or close a website. Some spyware can use up your computer’s RAM and CPU making them run programs even when your computer is not required to. Spyware can alter the browser's homepage and other settings without the user's permission like turning of the PC security and firewall protection making your system to be attacked from harmful virues.

Simple Steps for Removing Spyware from Your Computer

Restart computer in Safe Mode(with Networking). Here’s how you can restart Computer in Safe Mode :
Some computers have a progress bar that points to the word BIOS. As soon as the BIOS begins toload, begin tapping the F8 key on your keyboard. Do this till the Windows Advanced Options menu appears. If you begin tapping the F8 key too soon, some computers displays a “keyboard error’ message. If such a thing happens, restart the computer and try again. Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, choose Safe mode (with Networking)

Download the anti spyware CWShredder and save it to your Desktop.
Download the anti spyware Spybot - Search & Destroy install and run it
Download the best anti spyware Ad-Aware and install it. Make sure you click on check for updates before scanning
Download HijackThis from here

CWShredder (Freeware) CWShredder detects and removes traces of CoolWebSearch. CoolWebSearch is a term given to a wide range of different browser hijackers. Though the code is very different between variants, they are all used to redirect users to and other sites affiliated with its operators.
The CoolWebSearch Trojan can install manyin Favourites, mostly to porn sites on your desktop; it also adds toolbar to Internet Explorer and alters your home page without your permisson. and it also significantly slows down the performance of your computer, and it may cause Windows to reboot or crash intermittently.