Saturday, September 15, 2007

Computer running slow?

What to do if you computer becomes slow all of a sudden? You have not installed any suspicious software, yet the system is taking almost an hour to transfer files which it used to do in just about 5 minutes. What do you do? Here’s how you take care of this problem:

1. Delete the useless files from your system with ccleaner.

2. Find out the volume for errors. For this, right click on drive >>tools>>checknow

3. Do a system defragmentation once a week. Right click on drive >>tools>>defragmentation.

4. Your startup menu can make your computer slow. Remove items that you do not require, from startup. For this go to start>>run>>msconfig>>selective startup>uncheck load startup items.

5. Make use of an antivirus software that can scan, remove suspicious and damaging software and also alert you of any possible attack on your system from virus, Trojan or email spam. Kapersky, Norton or McAfee are recommended anti-virus software.

6. If all the above fail, you should reinstall your OS or windows. This will take care of the problem.

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Anonymous said...

The reason least suspected of creating slowdowns is drive fragmentation. Maybe just like the common cold thats very often not taken seriously until other symtopms start. similarly stuff is just loaded into the drive without monitoring the free space and as a result the drive gets full and fragmented and 'exhausted' with all the extra activity. Its a common caue for PC lags and slowdown.

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